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Surrounded by rainforest you will tune into nature, the birds, the animals, sip some drinks, read some books, sleep deeply and undisturbed in our quiet location. Then awake refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to continue your jungle, wildlife and reef experiences.

Here are a few of the attractions available in the Daintree area

Explore The Great Barrier Reef

Cruise/tour on the Great Barrier Reef photographing and experiencing the reef and it’s wildlife at close range.

Visit the Great Barrier Reef to snorkel the coastline and beaches. Go scuba diving, or try your hand at getting up close and personal with a sea turtle whilst snorkelling. You can even enjoy a sea kayaking adventure.


The World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef is a great place to relax and unwind, and experience the reef. All these experiences are yours as an independent traveller or with one of our well informed tour operators and local guides.

The Great Barrier Reef is an ecotourism paradise and any visit, any activity any experience will leave you richly rewarded.

In the realm of the senses - Daintree Discovery Centre

You can appreciate the Discovery Centre as the widely recognised, premier interpretive facility in the jungle located 10 kms North of the Daintree River ferry. Open 8.30am to 5.00pm everyday.

The centre: Graphic displays, library, touch screen computers and a 20 seat DVD theatre.
The tower: A 23 metre high Canopy Tower with 5 viewing platforms with interpretive guide.
The boardwalk: Regular tours of elevated Boardwalk, including complementary Interpretive booklet.
The coffee shop: Great coffee, superb cakes, cold drinks and tempting snacks.
The gift shop: Eco clothing, local craft, books, posters and souvenirs.
The aerial walkway: A unique bird's eye view of the rainforest canopy.

Hiking and Walking Trails

Cape Tribulation and Emmagen Creek 5 km 2hr 30min
Cooper Creek Wilderness Walk 4 km 2hr
Dubuji Boardwalk 1.3km 30min
Emmagen Beach 1.4km 30min
Emmagen Creek (Swimming Hole) 1.4km 30min
Jindalba Boardwalk 0.7km 18min
Kulki - Cape Tribulation 1.5km 30min
Marrdja Boardwalk 1.1km 30min
Mount Sorrow Ridge 7 km 4hr
Myall Beach Walk 1.9km 60 min

Hiking trails for the independent adventurer wanting to go back to nature

Mt Sorrow is a walking trail, 3.5 km to the top. It's a 7 hour return trip of leisurely walking, resting and sight seeing. You need is good footwear, waterproof clothing and 3 litres of water. The path is well flagged, and it has information signage en-route.

Your safety is important. Ensure that someone is aware of where you are going and when you expect to return. Do not walk alone. Take water, sunscreen and hat. Some walks require good footwear. Be alert.

For more information click here: http://www.wettropics.gov.au/ttd/ttd_search.asp

Experience the Daintree on one of the great boardwalks

Visitor Boardwalks at Cape Tribulation are excellent. They are enthusiastically patronised by both tour operators and individuals. They offer informative with interpretative signage, they focus on unique aspects of the rainforest and they take into account the travellers' comforts and needs.


Marrdja is 10kms north of Deep Forest Lodge, at Oliver Creek. The Boardwalk loops through lowland rainforest and river banks with a thriving mangrove ecology. The first light of morning is greeted by bird calls and retreating nocturnal animals. The boardwalk is mostly shaded, level and needs at least 45 minutes to explore.


Dubuji is 17kms north of Deep Forest Lodge. Dubuji features a 1200m boardwalk through rainforest, swamps and mangrove ending with a short boardwalk accessing north Myall Beach. Interpretative signs explore the survival strategies used by rainforest plants and animals. Walking time is about 45 minutes. The site has extensive grassed picnic areas, with tables, shelters and toilets.


Kulki is 18kms north of Deep Forest Lodge. The site is a picnic area at Cape Tribulation where the beach offers sheltered swimming and a departure site for Reef trips. Featured here is a 400m boardwalk from the the carpark to a viewing platform overlooking the ocean and the beach. A short walk over the saddle west of the headland provides and easy link between Kulki and Myall Beach.

Fan Palm Boardwalk and Fanpalm Cafe has a private boardwalk through a giant gallery of fan palms, tropical orchids and rainforest. If dining there is no charge for the walk.


Daintree Discovery Centre has boardwalk beginning from the centre. The self-guide interpretive book is very informative and draws attention to unique rainforest features.

Cassowary & birdwatching

For the enthusiast we need to state that the official bird list for the Cape Tribulation section of the Daintree National Park lists 150 species of birds.

We share our place with Father Cassowary who daily walks his territory which includes our lodge, with his chick or chicks.

The sulphur crested cockatoos screech as they compete with each other for the Alexandra Palm seeds. These wasteful creatures drop eight time more than they eat, which is a blessing for the cassowary waiting below. Their diet also includes our lycees, rambutans and sometimes even our lemons.

A resident pair of orange-footed scrub fowl maintain a mound and scratch daily under the fig tree. Night time roosting calls, are great locators of different groups. Fortunately the snakes are deaf.

The greatest romantic is the Victorian Rifle bird. A perch above the canopy serves as a mating pole. Here the male flaps eloquently to entice the female and if she'll watch he'll enchant her with the rhythmic beat of of his wings, increasing the tempo until he's seduced her. Many a crestfallen male has stopped his flapping midway, and sunk despondently as a female looses interest in him and flies off.

Then we have our annual visitors from New Guinea. Among these are the Torresian Imperial Pigeon, the kingfisher and the noisy starling.

We can reserve for you some great Cape Tribulation and Daintree tours featuring:

Guided rainforest walks
Jungle surfing
Four wheel drive tours
Boat cruises on the Daintree River and Cooper Creek
Trail rides through the forest and along the beach
Sea kayak tours
Fishing tours
Taste exotic tropical fruit


The Cape Tribulation coastal strip (30 km) offers secluded swimming bays for private swimming or long expanses of sandy beaches for long leisurely walks. Stand in the water and marvel at the rainforest backdrop with steep ranges and luxuriant foliage. Fluffy white clouds or sometimes mists drift around the ranges, and very, very high you will see the hawks circling around and around for their catch.

The ocean is refreshing, yet always warm. The waves are gentle. The sand is clean. Shade trees fringe the swimming coves and exotic fruits and flowers appear seasonally.


Beach swimming is seasonal.

From about November to April box jellyfish inhabit the sea. They are not easily seen, they are not very big but they can cause painful and serious injuries. Swimming at this time of the year is limited to natural water holes, swimming pools and during reef trips where the boat is at least 15 kms off the coast. Some locals swim in stinger suits. Some locations have special swimming enclosures.

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